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“At kiru general services, we are humbled that you have consistently worked with us on your building projects. We are also very please when you refer us to your partners and friends who have been our reason for existence for all these years.

Our promise of quality construction works that will serve generations is still the major driving force to serve you even better than before and improve our processes to meet your ever changing needs and tastes. We have the capacity to deliver on any kind of project as long as its construction and we look forward to being a building block for your homes, businesses, government and Ngo works”

Building an impressive world

To construct roads & structures that will power both your movements, business setups and residential living


 Intergrity is our anchor, because we understand that without it you can’t trust us longer, that’s why we always act as transparent with all our clients as possible


 We love what we do and every team member has this engrained in their lives. Some times human nature creeps in with tiredness but passion keeps us moving


We understand that the industry evolves and we have not sat to wait. We have invested in research and development and worked with third parties to enhance our machinery, equipment and processes.

Customer Centric

People always say customer is king but yet in actual sense, they treat customers like strangers. Here at Kiru customer progresses from being a king and becomes part of the kingdom where they are now part of our family


Many times, clients envision a design but can fully express it or paint it. This is where we come in to advise and guide our clients to ensure they actually reach what their original intended designs meant. 

Safety at work ensures that all workers can stay alive and complete their work and in the end we deliver on your projects that you have trusted us with.

We have taken measures to ensure workers safety on both road works and buildings. One of the ways are safety helmets, safety boots, reflector jackets, signage direction, and more.

This has ensured safety for both workers and the public at large as all are well directed and warned by signages and other preventive measures installed on sites.

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